Resource Management Sub-Committee

The Resource Management Committee (RMC) is a sub-committee of the Emergency Managers Work Group (REMTEC). It is responsible for developing the capability to mobilize and track resources across the Portland Urban Area and across disciplines and agencies within the region in an emergency. The RMC develops solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regional resource management.


Chair: Courtney Patterson, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management
Vice Chair: Katy Wolf, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management


  1. The RMC is comprised of members that represent each of the regional jurisdictions and the key disciplines involved in resource management.  Members are expected to share committee information, projects, activities, issues, and procedures with their respective agencies and disciplines.

  2. Each of the six core urban area jurisdictions in the Portland Metro Region, may nominate one member for the RMC.  Additionally, each of the following discipline working groups may nominate one member:

    • Emergency Management

    • Public Works

    • Hospitals

    • Law Enforcement

    • Fire/EMS

    • Public Health

  3. The members who are representing the key resource management disciplines should be selected by the chair of their respective discipline working group.

  4. All nominees should be knowledgeable of the resources available in their disciplines and/or jurisdictions.  Ideally they should also have training and experience in resource management and they should be knowledgeable of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) resource management practices.

  5. A single member may represent both a jurisdiction and a discipline.  Jurisdictions and working groups may coordinate member nominations so that a single nominee may represent a jurisdiction and a working group.

  6. Anyone may attend a committee meeting.  Non-member attendees may not vote but are allowed to participate in discussion on issues that will be decided by vote.



2009 – 2014

  • Regional Resource Inventory. All-hazard, multi-discipline inventory of vendor resources.


  • Regional Logistics Support Plan and Course Materials. The basic plan for coordinating resource support across the Portland Metro Region. It describes a concept of operations for the Regional Logistics Support Team (RLST).


  • EOC Logistics Section and Chief Training Curriculum. Curriculum, course materials, and instructor guide, which is updated once a year.



  • Post-Disaster Facilities Assessment, Allocation and Report. A tool, process and framework for locating and assigning appropriate sites for emergency uses such as debris storage, fuel storage, heliports, commercial points of distribution, and shelters.


  • Hire RDPO Logistics Specialist limited-term position

  • Update SOP

  • Update Logistics course, deliver training

  • Create resource ordering course module, deliver training

  • Update RLST plan, team recruitment

  • Continue Post-Disaster Facilities Assessment project

  • Scope resource ordering project automation


  • Resource tracking project

  • Pre-scripted resource request project

  • Finalize Post-Disaster Facilities Assessment project