Long-Term Health Care Facilities

The information and resources listed here are specifically for long term care facilities (LTCF). Each of these resources can help LTCFs plan and prepare for emergencies. The categories, with descriptions, were created to help you find the information you need. If you have any questions please contact your local Emergency Manager or Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

None of these resources are legally binding in their current format. Please work with your legal counsel for final approval and legal needs. These resources may help with CMS, OAR, and/or ORS requirements.


Regulatory Requirements

Mutual Aid Agreement Templates / Examples

Examples of agreements you can adapt to use at your facility.

  • (NEED) Mutual Aid Agreement with Health Care Facility (Template)

  • (NEED) Mutual Aid Agreement between facility and facility (Template)

  • (NEED) Mutual Aid Agreement between facility and facility (Template 2)

  • (NEED) Memorandum of Understanding between health care entities (Template)

  • (NEED) Transportation Mutual Aid Agreement (Template 1)

  • (NEED) Transportation Mutual Aid Agreement (Template 2)

Plan/Procedure Templates

Examples of plans you can adapt to use at your facility.

Guides and References

Additional information to help with your planning and preparedness.

Exercise Examples / Templates

Exercises are a good way to test your plans!

  • (NEED) Exercise After Action Report and Improvement Plan (Template)

  • Exercise Resources (ASPR TRACIE)

Contact List

  • (NEED) 2015-2016 Oregon Hospital and Healthcare Guide