DOGAMI Earthquake Impact Analysis

The RDPO partnered with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) to release a new study that provides information about potential impacts to Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties from earthquakes, including a magnitude 9.0+ Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. By using updated data, current subduction zone science, and the latest mapping and modeling techniques, the study greatly improves understanding of potential earthquake impacts for the region. The study’s estimates of injuries and fatalities, building damages, and other impacts helps communities, the region, and the state better prepare for, respond to, and recover from major earthquakes.


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Communications toolkit

The following documents help simplify results of the study for different audiences. Visit the DOGAMI website for the full report and news release. Use the Oregon HazVu interactive map to determine expected shaking at a particular location. 


Toolkit Overview

  • Audience: All users

  • Content: Table of contents and contacts

Communications Guide

  • Audience: Public Information Officers (PIOs) and RDPO Stakeholders

  • Content: Guidance on developing talking points, social media posts, etc.

Talking Points

  • Audience: PIOs, RDPO Stakeholders and Elected Officials

  • Content: Primary talking points for public messaging, and additional technical talking points in case of need.

RDPO Stakeholder Briefing

  • Audience: PIOs and RDPO Stakeholders

  • Content: Technical summary of report, at-a-glance guide for data points.

Summary of the Study

  • Audience: Public

  • Content: Key messages about report and preparedness actions to take.

Policy and Advocacy

  • Audience: RDPO Policy Committee and Elected Officials in the Region

  • Content: How the report supports ongoing work in the region and state, and highlights areas for additional work.

Applying the Study

  • Audience: RDPO Stakeholders

  • Content: A list of potential applications of the study findings and data; for use in local talking points.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • Audience: RDPO Stakeholders

  • Content: To support delivery of local presentations to stakeholders in your jurisdictions (customized results slides for each county).


RDPO Contact

Laura Hanson, Regional Planning Coordinator
Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization
(503) 823-9799