UASI ‘19 Grants

The “Project Pipeline” is the process the RDPO uses to develop, prioritize, and approve projects in preparation for upcoming funding opportunities. Proposals are accepted exclusively from RDPO Work Group and Task Force Chairs.


Additional Materials

  • Project Application Process & Schedule: Helps applicants understand the forms and process.

  • Project Criteria Checklist: Provided as a reference so applicants know what the program and funding requirements are and how proposals will be scored. Applicants do not need to fill out the check list but should be very familiar with the requirements because they will be asked to attest that proposals meet the requirements.

  • Project Management Tools


  • Sept 18: Launch 2019 application process

  • Sept 18-Dec 10: Work Groups & Task Forces develop and prioritize projects

  • Dec 10: Application deadline

  • Upon Submission: RDPO Manager & Grant Coordinator evaluate proposals

  • Dec 17: Program Committee completes Project Review #1

  • Jan 21: Program Committee completes Project Review #2

  • Feb 18: Program Committee agrees on prioritized projects to submit to Steering Committee

  • March 4: Program & Steering Committees complete joint review of proposed projects

  • April 1: Steering Committee provides final project approval

  • May: FEMA releases estimated UASI FY’19 Grant NOFO

  • May: Program & Steering Committees select and approve final project list


Beth Crane, Grants Coordinator