Regional Recovery Framework

Creating a roadmap to strong community after a natural disaster.

Recovery Continuum.png

Natural disasters can happen any time. The five counties that make up the Portland Metropolitan Region are working together to develop a framework to guide rebuilding, redevelopment, and recovery efforts in the weeks, months, and years after the disaster. The goal is to seize the opportunity to creatively re-design our region to be even stronger and more resilient for the future.

This project is a collaboration between public, private, and nonprofit sector stakeholders. It is led by the five-county, multi-state Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization (RDPO).


The Framework

  1. Introduction - Vision, Goals, Principles and Key Components


The aim of recovery is to restore a community to its previous state - or better. It only succeeds if the whole community is involved in planning, prioritizing, and implementing projects. We have engaged a wide range of stakeholders from sectors targeted for recovery. The represent a spectrum of government and local/regional private sectors, as well as community-based and non-profit organizations.

Stakeholder engagement meetings were conducted in May 2018. The outcomes of these sessions are now informing the Recovery Goals for the regional framework and will feed into subsequent planning sessions this summer and fall.


Stakeholders participate in workshops to develop the framework collaboratively. If you would like to attend a future workshop, contact Laura Hanson to be added to the stakeholder email list.