Strategic Planning

The RDPO uses input from regional stakeholders, best practices research, and data from multiple sources to guide development of the priorities, goals, and objectives in its Strategic Plan. Sources include: THIRA/SPR data (see below), the National Preparedness Report, program evaluation, SWOT analysis, and local and regional exercise after-action reports.


Photo credit: Ernest Jones

Photo credit: Ernest Jones

Our strategic plan lays out our goals and objectives, which cut across five mission areas: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Our work plans are based on the strategic plan. 


The Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) is a risk assessment process that helps develop a shared understanding of risks, set regional performance outcomes and targets, and identify resource requirements aligned with the National Preparedness Goal’s 32 Core Capabilities. The Stakeholder Preparedness Review (SPR) is a self-assessment of a jurisdiction’s current capability levels against the targets identified in the THIRA.


The annual THIRA/SPR update is one of many mechanisms by which the RDPO achieves its mission to build and maintain regional disaster preparedness capabilities in the Portland Urban Area through strategic and coordinated planning, training and exercising, and investment.

Outputs of the THIRA/SPR process inform a variety of disaster preparedness and emergency management efforts, including: strategic and program planning to better direct funding investments, emergency operations planning, mutual aid agreements, and hazard mitigation planning. Ultimately, the THIRA/SPR process helps the RDPO and the associated whole community answer the following questions:

  • What threats and hazards do we need to prepare for at the regional level?

  • What core capabilities should we build and maintain?

  • What regionally‐deployable resources (equipment and/or personnel) are required to be adequately prepared?

  • What gaps in our capabilities and resources need to be prioritized for funding?

For access to the RDPO's THIRA/SPR, contact Regional Planning Coordinator Laura Hanson.