Emergency Operations Center
Training Sub-Committee

Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and Emergency Coordination Centers (ECCs) are essential facilities that provide a space for decision makers to communicate, stay organized, and coordinate response and recovery activities. The EOC Training Sub-Committee works to ensure that key personnel throughout the region are trained on the essential functions of EOCs/ECCs. 


Chair: Brian Landreth, Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency, Brian.Landreth@clark.wa.gov
Vice Chair: Katy Wolf, Portland Bureau of Emergency Mgmt, Katy.Wolf@portlandoregon.gov


Training Calendar

The RDPO Calendar includes courses that are a considered part of the core curriculum for EOC / ECC staff, as well as courses and exercises that participating jurisdictions have opened up for registration regionally. These trainings are for emergency preparedness professionals in the region. To submit an event, send details to RDPO@portlandoregon.gov

 Photo credit: Ernest Jones

Photo credit: Ernest Jones

Training Curriculum

The Emergency Management Work Group (REMTEC) Training Committee has developed an EOC/ECC Staff Training Curriculum designed to train regional EOC/ECC personnel on the essential functions of an Emergency Operations Center. Emergency Management agencies from across the Portland Urban Area have cooperated to deliver these Regional EOC Training courses to professional Emergency Managers from across the region. The classes were developed to: 1) provide a common baseline of training for EOC/ECC personnel; 2) improve collaboration between agencies; 3) and, prepare local Emergency Managers for upcoming regional exercises.